Swords & Torches
The Epic Battle Between Ego and Soul

Season 1
Membership & Masterclass
$49.95 or $16.65 x 3

What You'll Gain

  • FREE MEMBERS ONLY GIFT: Season 1's Free Gift is a custom etched Swords & Torches Wishing Stone.
  • MENTAL MASTERY: Navigate challenges and crystallize choices.
  • EMOTIONAL ELEVATION: Plunge into your depths and clear emotional debris.
  • COGNITIVE CLARITY: Engage in shadow work and illuminate your dark corners to help chart a path to your highest potential.
  •   BALANCE: Harmonize body, mind & soul for holistic well-being.

Course Features

    • Video Lessons
    • Private Online Community
    • Workbook
    • Live Monthly Q & A
    • Personal Quizes & Assessments
    • Practical Tools

Course Access

    • Paid Members
    • Active Military
    • Veterans

Military Membership

  • The free access granted to active military personnel and veterans is made possible through generous individuals and corporate allies who cover the $149.95 membership charge.
  • Military and Veteran Application - click here
  • You can support a military membership - click here
  • Sponsorship are NOT tax deductible. 
Our teacher

Meet Jen

The heart and humor behind Swords & Torches, Jen not only brings years of academic knowlege and professional insights to the table but through wit and wisdom delivers a treasure trove of personal experiences.

With a unique multidimensional approach, she masterfully interlaces diverse theories, crafting practical tools that align the mind, body, and soul. Whether you're weathering a storm or aiming for the stars, Jen's guiding voice promises to be a beacon, lighting your path to your highest potential.
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